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Created in 2008, to answer active women requests who seek
style, originality and comfort quality
 LITTLE MOON concept  refer to the symbolism of the Moon :
Universal, Feminine, Mysterious, Luminous
Timeless too, as the moon talks about the past as much as the future.

In a « Cool Chic, Classic Chic » style,
Shoes Collections
review the famous basics and a a-temporal lines,
linking culture and innovation around retro details.
The luminous heels turn out phosphorescent by night ou reflect lights,
ideal for the active women whishing to subtly and safely shine.
If feminity is resolutely the base of Little Moon line,
with elegance marrying rigour as well as fantasy,
comfort is primary to help feminity blooming,.

Little Moon really focuses on the curves of the lasts, works with soft and smooth leathers and reasonnable heel height (7,5cm maximum),
allowing and faciliting daily use,

This fits with the lifestyle of women who want to walk/work all day
on high heels with the pleasure to feel pretty and comfortable
but also plan to go on enjoying their nights serenely.

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